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Hand crafted in North Dakota, our Shoulder Flax-Pax is filled with approximately 3.5 lbs of Golden Valley Flax. It has a contoured shape, 23 x by 4-6 ½ inches. It features reinforced seams throughout to promote the even distribution of flax within the Flax-Pax.  This helps to prevent the “clumping” of flax in one area.  The versatile shape of the shoulder Flax-Pax is the perfect choice for warm or cold therapy for the lower back, shoulders, abdomen and head.

Please note: because these are all individually hand crafted here in North Dakota you can choose a color you would like, but the patterns shown in our photos change regularly based on the fabrics available. Your Flax-Pax will be one of a kind!

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Created with 100% cotton, filled with flax from our family farm, our Therapeutic Flax-Pax provide warm or cold relief to aching muscles or tense areas.  Our Therapeutic Flax-Pax’s moist penetrating heat melts away stress and eases headaches.  Its moist, gentle heat soothes the aches and pains of arthritis, colds, sinus headaches, flu and cramps.  Flax seeds are comprised of 45% oil, and are well suited for retaining either heat or cold.  The weight of the Flax –Pax is gentle and comforting.  Our natural Golden Valley Flax-Pax are eco-friendly and can be used again and again.

Instructions for use:

If you think that you would benefit from both warm and cold therapy, I would recommend purchasing two Therapeutic Flax-Pax.  It takes a few hours for a Flax-Pax to become cold, therefore I would recommend keeping one Flax-Pax in your freezer, for those urgent, sudden needs for cold therapy.  Store it in a zip-lock bag to keep the freezer moisture from damaging the cotton.  Then it is ready to go when you take it out of the freezer!

To utilize your Therapeutic Flax-Pax for warm therapy, microwave your Flax-Pax for 2-3 minutes, depending on the size of your Flax-Pax and the strength of your microwave.  After each minute in the microwave, remove the Flax-Pax and give it a gentle shake.  This will prevent uneven heating.

  • Relieves neck tension and stress.
  • Soothes away aches and pains.
  • Can be heated in the microwave.
  • Can be chilled in the freezer.


“I ached all over when I had influenza…the only thing that helped was my warm Flax-Pax.  Thank you so much.”  Jo

Bothered by persistent neck pain?  Annoyed by a sprained ankle, headaches, muscle tension or arthritis?  Oftentimes, the best treatment for these sorts of problems is the simple application of heat or cold.  Heat packs, however, can be used only once, and ice can get messy.  That is why we offer our Therapeutic Flax-Pax.  Hand-crafted here in North Dakota, filled with our Golden Valley flax, our Flax-Pax are designed to promote health and comfort in the natural way.

“….Fresh from our Farm to your Home…”


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