Esther's big sewing day


Christmas blessings from Golden Valley Flax with therapeutic flax pax and free bag of flax.
Hylden Farm sunrise

Happy Easter from Golden Valley Flax

Happy Easter from Golden Valley Flax. Boost your immune system health with heart healthy flax and a great recipe to celebrate the joy of Easter morning.
Esther Hylden, the Flax Lady, in blooming flax

Flax Strengthens Immune System

Banana nut flax muffins by the Flax Lady. Golden Valley Flax recipe for muffins strengthens immune system which helps fight against covid-19.
Laughter is the best medicine!

Golden Valley Flax and the Fight Against Covid-19

Golden Valley Flax strengthens your immune system to fight against covid-19. Esther Hylden, RN tells how flax favorably affects immune system cells
Esther & Mark with little customer. Flax strengthens immune system.

Golden Valley Flax Enhances Your Immune System Health

Scientific medical studies indicate that flax strengthens the immune system. A strong immune system is needed to fight against viruses such as covid-19
Esther and Mark promoting flax

Golden Valley Flax fights against colds and flu

Golden Valley Flax strengthens immune system and fights against colds and flu according to Harvard Medical School report.
Don Hylden 90th Birthday

Golden Valley Flax family celebrates Grandpa’s 90th Birthday!

Golden Valley Flax celebrates good health with Grandpa's 90th birthday. Flax is great for heart health and lowering bad cholesterol. Eat Flax and Live Life.
Mark & Esther if blooming flax

Flaxseed helps you to breath in country fresh air

Flaxseed Helps Suppress Lung Cancer Cells. We all enjoy a breath of fresh air.  Flaxseed helps you breathe by promoting lung health.   Now recent medical research studies by Dr. Katie Reindl from NDSU and Dr. Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou from the U of Penn indicates that flaxseed can be very beneficial in the fight against lung cancer.  ... Read more
Esther and Mark Hylden promoting health benefits of flax

Flaxseed for healthy diet reported by Harvard

Flaxseed is an excellent food source for beneficial omega-3 EFA's, it has the greatest amount of cancer fighting lignans plus flax has the highest amount of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Recent Harvard Medical School study reports on health benefits derived from a good diet.
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