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Flax is good for your heart!

Did you know that your heart cells generate electric currents? You are a regular hotbed of electricity! The electric currents, generated by your heart triggers it to beat regularly.  Every day…every single day…your heart beats an average of 115,300 beats!  That’s a lot of electricity!  Sometimes the electrical signals become chaotic, this disables your hearts ability ... Read more

A Fast Flax Fact from Golden Valley Flax

Five Easy Ways to Add Ground Flaxseed to your Diet:  Add ground flaxseed to your oatmeal or cereal. Mix ground flaxseed into your yogurt or cottage cheese. Mid-morning snack attack?  Snack on a flax- granola bar or muffin. Sprinkle ground flax on your  fruit or vegetable salad. Add Omega-3’s, fiber and cancer fighting lignans to your ... Read more