Esther Hyldan's Apple-Flax Pudding Recipe

Apple-Flax Pudding | Esther Hyldan

I was longing for a dessert. Something kind of healthy and easy to make with the ingredients and flaxseed that I had on hand...
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Football Players and Flax Go Pink | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Football is just a game but it is being used to fight breast cancer. That is the real battle, not just a game. Fighting cancer is a fight for life itself. Read this medical study to see how flax can save your life.

Fight pain…with Flax!

Did you have some pain today?  Does your back ache? Is your neck stiff?  Do your knees creak and complain when you trudge up the stairs? Almost all of us can say that we experience some kind of pain every day.  Good Housekeeping’s August issue featured this article:  5 (who-knew ways) to Fight Pain Naturally, ... Read more

2018 Flaxseed Harvest Update

We have completed the harvest season on our family farm and it is a time to reflect back upon the blessings of the past growing season.  Although it is too early for snow the clouds and wind bring to mind the upcoming winter season. We were given a preview just the other day, the wind ... Read more