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Christmas blessings from Golden Valley Flax with therapeutic flax pax and free bag of flax.
Esther and Mark Hylden promoting health benefits of flax

Flaxseed for healthy diet reported by Harvard

Flaxseed is an excellent food source for beneficial omega-3 EFA's, it has the greatest amount of cancer fighting lignans plus flax has the highest amount of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Recent Harvard Medical School study reports on health benefits derived from a good diet.

Flaxseed is believed to have originated in Egypt. (Fast Flax Fact!)

Flaxseed is believed to have originated in Egypt.  The ancient Egyptians used Flax for healthy eating and it’s healing purposes.  They also used the flax fiber to make clothes, fishnets, and paper products. Today, we continue to use the flax fiber to make a variety of items from coffee mugs, toothbrushes, to skateboards!  Flax in ... Read more
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Flax is good for your heart!

Did you know that your heart cells generate electric currents? You are a regular hotbed of electricity! The electric currents, generated by your heart triggers it to beat regularly.  Every day…every single day…your heart beats an average of 115,300 beats!  That’s a lot of electricity!  Sometimes the electrical signals become chaotic, this disables your hearts ability ... Read more

A Fast Flax Fact from Golden Valley Flax

Five Easy Ways to Add Ground Flaxseed to your Diet:  Add ground flaxseed to your oatmeal or cereal. Mix ground flaxseed into your yogurt or cottage cheese. Mid-morning snack attack?  Snack on a flax- granola bar or muffin. Sprinkle ground flax on your  fruit or vegetable salad. Add Omega-3’s, fiber and cancer fighting lignans to your ... Read more
Flax Energy Bites on Red Plate

Flax-Energy Bites…Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!

Do you ever get the 3pm munchies?  Not to mention the 10am munchies…or the 8pm munchies?  You just “need” to eat something…and you want to eat something nutritious…however if you don’t find something nutritious in your house in 3 minutes you will just start to randomly eat whatever you can get your hands on!!!  This ... Read more
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Flaxseed makes the Daily Dozen!

Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. , the author of How Not to Die , recommends a list of foods that people who aspire to healthy living should eat daily.  He calls it the Daily Dozen.  In the middle of the list, after “other vegetables,” and before “nuts,” is the category , “Flaxseeds!”  Seeing Flaxseed right in ... Read more
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A Fast Flax Fact, from the Flax-Lady!

Is your Cholesterol getting you down?  Are you “trying” to eat right, and just never seem to see results?  Well, I am going to suggest just one simple change to your diet, Add Flax! This is simple, straightforward, and doesn’t involve purchasing exotic ingredients.  Just 2 tablespoons of flax will help to reduce your cholesterol level!  ... Read more