Beautiful Esther in flax field

Golden Valley Flax helps women age gracefully

Golden Valley Flax health benefit found in Weill Cornell Medical Study. Flax credited with better brain activity as a measure of improved health that could reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
Brain Power with Golden Valley Flax

Brain Power with Golden Valley Flax

Flax is shown to be a great food to boost the health of your brain. Cognitive Fitness is the focus of a Harvard Medical School Study that outlines twelve steps to improve your mind. Golden Valley Flax is a part of five of those twelve steps.
Esther and Mark Hyden with grandchildren

Labor Day Fun With Flax and Family

Family Fun Time As Flax Helps with Mental Health We wanted to share some good news with you from the heart and from great medical studies.  It’s easy to say Happy Labor Day…or Happy Birthday…or have a good day. However, sometimes having a “good day” just isn’t that easy.  Sometimes we call this “the blues”, ... Read more
Golden Valley Flax

Golden Valley Flax fights against inflammatory diseases

Golden Valley Flax can help fight against many diseases. Recent Harvard Medical study shows that flax fights inflammatory diseases.
Mark Hylden featured in Dakota Farmer for soil stewardship accomplishments

Get to know the Farmer of Golden Valley Flax

Golden Valley Flax farmer awarded as best farmer in North Dakota

Get to know the Flax Lady

Esther of Golden Valley Flax is the Flax Lady and has been honored by prestigious organizations for her work in promoting the health benefits of flax.
Esther Hylden named Country Woman of the Year

Get to know the farm family that grows Golden Valley Flax

We have earned the trust and been recognized by several well known organizations for our outstanding high quality Golden Valley Flax and we wanted you to know that we can be trusted to provide you family with the best tasting award winning flax available in the nation

Flaxseed can benefit your health for 10 cents a day

Study shows why flax fights obesity and improves metabolism. Golden Valley Flax can help improve your health and it tastes great.
Flax field in bloom

Great Summer! Flax in bloom.

This is an exciting time of year when all of the green plants are growing as fast as they can given our long summer daylight hours this far North.