Great Summer! Flax in bloom.

flax field in bloom

Dear Friends of Golden Valley Flax,

We wanted to reach out to all of you in a personal way to let you know what is happening on the farm that grows your award winning flax.  This is an exciting time of year when all of the green plants are growing as fast as they can given our long summer daylight hours this far North.  In fact that is part of what sets apart our Golden Valley Flax as the top award winning flax in the state of North Dakota that produces 97% of our nation’s flax.  We farm in a micro climate area that along with the long summer days we also have an elevation of our farmland in the range of about 1400 feet above sea level.  What that does for our flax is helps it to stay cooler than other areas along with very productive soil and more rainfall due to the proximity to the Devils Lake basin.  All combined this is conducive to high quality flax year after year.  In fact we just were at a family Bible camp this past week and a lady from the Twin Cities that has flax in her diet everyday, tried our flax and exclaimed it was the best tasting flax ever.  I will attach a picture of our flax in bloom so you can see the beauty of the flowers.


Mark and Esther Hylden

Mark & Esther Hylden in a field of bloming flax